Thankyou to the lady in chronic pain

Last night I read a very inspiring blog by a lady who has been living with chronic pain for years. It inspired me because I have just been diagnosed with osteoarthritus in my knees, which it seems I have to learn to live with. I also have tinitus which I have been “learning to live with” for several years now(seems medical science may have made many advances but still have a long way to go with some conditions).

I do still have hope of an alternative treatment or therapy and will continue looking as I do not intend do let these conditions beat me.

Any way back to the blog I read last night while suffering yet another hot flush(at least they go away eventually) this lady made me realise how lucky I am and to stop feeling sorry for myself. I thought I had clicked follow but hadn’t so now I can’t thank her. Perhaps I will find her again.

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