Childrens tissue paper bowls

These bowls were made by a group of children aged between 2 years and 12 years old . They used tissue paper and pva glue, some of the older ones also used quilling paper. They used a variety of small pots ie yogurt pots. I had seen lots of versions of bowls made in this way using balloons but as this activity was originally intended for 2-4 year olds I felt that using small pots would be more stable for them to manage. The children loved this activity many of them returned to make several more pots during the week. Once they had been shown the process there was little need for adult intervention. We intended them to be mothers day gifts but they would also make gifts for any time of the year. Next year we will add a handle and make them into Easter baskets.The bowlsIMG_20150401_100736IMG_20150401_100704on the left were made by 2 and 3 year olds

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