My masterplan

My masterplan has three main aims

  1. To complete something everyday.
  2. Use resources I already have to free up space.
  3. Save money

I have a cupboard full of fabric and haberdashery most of was impulse buys, charity store or jumble sale finds and left overs from previous projects. There are also boxes of miscellaneous craft resources, which have now been sorted by category to save time hunting, who knew I had accumulated that many zips?

I have a tendency to have several projects on the go at once and even more in my head, then I waste time deciding which project to work on, so I thought if I challenge myself to complete a project before starting a new one I might achieve more.

My first project was a pleated skirt. It did take me two days to complete but I am counting it as a minor success because it is finished. It would have been quicker if I had followed a pattern but as usual I made it up as I went along.

Well that was yesterday. Today  was not so good, having discovered several bags of zips it seemed a good idea to try one of the many ways of upcycling a zip. I found a tutorial on making a bracelet which looked nice and seemed simple enough. The instructions said to pass over a candle which I did, the first one caught fire and snapped. The second one wasn’t much better then I burnt my finger(checking if it was still hot). That’s when I decided to give up and find out where I was going wrong. Apparently you only pass it over the flame briefly not wait for it to char.

That brings me to here, now do I make something quick or fail on my second day.  I did make about 15 paper aeroplanes at work today but that doesn’t really count.

6 thoughts on “My masterplan

  1. Well that didn’t go to plan. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to start on a weekday and with Easter approaching fast I need to come up with craft ideas for the children at pre-school, which led me to so many fantastic ideas my head is spinning.
    No more excuses starting today.


  2. I am with you on trying to use up things that I already have. I am mainly a cross stitcher and I have a ton of charts and fabrics and really plan to start new projects using what I already have. I also have a lot of ideas of what I want to make but I feel now that I am starting to blog that too takes up a lot of time. Good luck with your plan to complete something every day. It seems a little overwhelming but you have to start somewhere.

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    1. Thankyou. I have just visited your blog so far I have only read your about me page and the comments people have made. Now I am out of time(time to get ready for work)but I look forward to returning to your blog when I have more time.

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  3. I think I was a bit to ambitous with my plan. I will try again because it did help me to focus on one thing at a time and finish before starting another(most of the time). Next time I will plan ahead slightly as I spent a lot of time looking for ideas.


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